Meet The All-New BabeBox Experience

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Meet The All-New BabeBox Experience

Hey Babes. 

We've launched BabeBox at October 2018, with the hope of creating a community of cosmetics & beauty enthusiasts that enjoys exploring new products, getting better value for their money and loves a surprise every month.

We've succeeded. The BabeBox community has grown exponentially and now counts more than 10,000 babes! First, we'd like to thank you all for this amazing journey, and we would like to introduce you to the next part of our journey together!

After talking to many of you in order to figure out how to make BabeBox a better, more refined experience all around, we are excited to show you what we've been working on the past few months.  

Meet The All-New BabeBox Experience

New look, more transparent, higher value, bigger brands, better products and of course, cruelty-free as always!

What’s changed, exactly:

New Look: BabeBox has received a very cool redesign that started popping up in the August box and will continue to improve in the next months to come. We are also introducing our new logo for the BabeBox. Let us know what you think :)


Bigger brands: we are proud to introduce you to amazing products from great brands such as Almay, Battington Beauty, Appeal Cosmetics, Oryza, Steve Laurant, Aesthetica & more!

Better products: each product is being carefully inspected before being allowed into the BabeBox, it needs to be cruelty-free, made in USA/Europe, and top-quality overall.

Customer portal: from now on you control everything in your subscription box, just as it should have been from the start. Skip, cancel and change subscription - all from your customer portal. Click here to access the customer portal.

Unboxing experience: this one is a surprise so we don’t wanna ruin it, but... the unboxing experience of the BabeBox has been improved exponentially.

Sneak peaks: we’ll show you what’s on for next months BabeBox a few days before the shipment through emails & on our social media channels so you know if you want to keep, or skip your next BabeBox.

That's all for now. We will keep on improving the BabeBox and will release those periodic blog posts on what we are doing to improve your experience with us.


The BabeBox team.


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