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I love discovering new products and indie brands through BabeBox

Morgana Hanna
BabeBox User

For $29 a month and over 100 bucks in value, BabeBox is a no-braine!

Theresia Frank
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It’s the best makeup subscription box ever! Would recommend!

Trina Padalecki

A Beauty Boutique Inspired by Real Life

At Babe Cosmetics our mission is to discover high quality, cruelty-free cosmetics and self care products to share with our members at an affordable price

As beauty enthusiasts, we've tried it all. We make our dreams come true every day working with indie and big-brand companies that share our goal of providing amazing cruelty-free products to our customers around the world.

We love to hear from real Babe Cosmetics users so we can curate boxes filled with the type of products you want


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