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Foundations are essential part of our beauty kit. They help us hide the unwanted spots and blemishes in our face. With this product hiding those spots we are ashamed of, we have more confidence to show up in the world. However, getting the best of this product can cost us. As it is being used daily, we will need a supply of this one every now and then. Thus, we do not need it to be wasted unnecessarily.

As we apply foundation in our face using a traditional sponge or a brush, most of the foundation are soak in the crevices of the brush, leaving it dirty and in need to be constantly replaced. Silisponge is the solution that you have been searching for this matter.

Silisponge is a new beauty sponge, which is an innovative product made to help the individuals avoid wasting the foundation unnecessary along with other benefits that will ultimately lead them to saving their time and money.

This product is set to replace the beauty blender that we have been used too. This is a perfect alternative as can it blend the cream products in your face effortlessly and seamlessly. It can bend and flex without hassle, which makes application of the cream product easier and more convenient.

The exterior of the silisponge is made of a special kind of plastic, which is resistant to grease and oil. With this, the beauty sponge makes the foundation stick to the face better. With its exterior, the foundation will not be soaked on the product.  This way, the foundation will not be wasted through being soaked in the brush.  Additionally, this beauty sponge will only require almost half of the usual amount of foundation that you use with the traditional sponges. With simply tapping it to your face, it is capable of spreading the foundation to your face better.

The silisponge is also easy to sterilized as it is fully washable. This makes the product hygienic. With it being easily cleaned, there is no need to replace it as well often. The maker of the product guarantees that it will last for a long time despite being used daily.

It is also very ideal for people with sensitive skin as there is less possibility of it causing acnes or other skin problems in the face.      

The beauty sponge is promising many possibilities to the people and as it was introduced, it has never failed its supporters. With this, many of those who have not yet tried the product is anxious to get a hand of it and discover its magic.  This is why the silisponge makes is making wave and sold out right after it was launched. But there is no need to worry. With the beauty sponge from our store, you can avail the product anywhere you are. It has offers for worldwide shipping, which makes it possible for it to be delivered   right in your doorstep. Moreover, they offer free shipping just for you. With this product in your hand, foundations will not be wasted unnecessary anymore.  

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