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You will find a lot of benefits of using BeautySponge versus utilizing makeup brushes to apply foundation. Every time using our BeautySponge, you’re getting an even application, which results in a flawless and smooth complexion. The sponge have the benefit of sheering out foundation that is always a plus if you are not a fan of those “cakey” makeup. Did you know that brushes, which are not regularly cleaned can generate bacteria inside the bristles, which can cause breakouts. Apart from that, bristles, which are too curse can lead to an uneven and bad looking skin tone. Your fingers might also offer a streaky look. When fingers should be utilized for application, it’s essential to clean the hands before so the bacteria is not exposed to the skin.

What Is It?

A unique look and exclusive material accessible only with BeautySponge ensures streak-free and impeccable free application along with lesser product waste. You can use it with cream blushes, powders, foundations and primers and other complexion product.

What Else You Need to Know about Beauty Sponge

BeautySponge is made out of the highest quality silicon. Its ultra durable and could be used for around 3 years.

BeautySponge: Why You Will Never Use Anything Else

Whenever you are working along with any layman makeup skills, getting a perfect natura-loking foundation is a little bit confusing. Have you ever use a sponge? Do you use your fingers? Or maybe you use one of those fancy and expensive foundation brushes? There’s a new product in the market today that can offer you with great benefit. This reusable sponge offers great coverage without any product waste and mess of your day to day wedge sponge. Apart from that, it’s easy to use. You can rest assured that you are using a safe and high quality product.

How to Use our BeautySponge

Scrub up and prepare your skin as normal. Make sure to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and utilize the foundation primer, if needed. A fresh and natural face is the ideal canvas for makeup application, so you like to make sure your skin is aesthetically looking your best to get perfect coverage.

Then run your BeautySponge under the tap, squeeze it to wring out the residue water. When you needed to clean your sponge, it is the perfect time, before you utilize it on your face. Further, you need to ensure that your sponge has the right consistency before using it.

Then put a small amount of foundation at the back of your hand, warming it to make a smooth consistency for the application. Press the smaller tip of the BeautySponge into the makeup. In small dabs, you can now start applying the foundation on the forehead, and slowly work your way down into your nose, towards the outside of your face. If you prefer fuller coverage, you can do this again until the desired coverage is met.

If you still have some imperfections not covered, BeautySponge can handle that as well. The BeautySponge is an excellent way to apply another liquid makeup such as cream blush.

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