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How to remove scars and acne from your body?

Acne is a part of life and it does not stop after puberty. Sadly, for some people, acne scarring is a reality for millions of people. If you have ever wondered how to remove scars and acne, keep reading to learn the steps you can take to make your skin look spectacular. 

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪how to remove acne‬‏


Why Does Acne Scar?

The good news is that if you have whiteheads or blackheads, these type of acne do not typically result in acne scarring. Unfortunately, however, if you have nodule or cyst acne deep below the surface, this type of acne often leads to scars. Cysts and nodules often develop due to inflammation.

Acne scarring is unpreventable for some people. You might be genetically predisposed to acne scarring. If one of your parents is prone to scarring from acne, you could be highly susceptible, as well. Another reason you might develop scarring is if you do not treat your acne when the problem arises. The earlier you treat acne the less likely it is to scar.

And, If you are able to resist the urge to pick and squeeze pimples, you will drastically reduce your chance of scarring. If you are unable to resist, like most humans, you are likely to develop scarring. It is possible that you can minimize the severity and appearance of scarring with the help of certain products and tools.


Acne Scar Removal Products

As previously mentioned, you must treat acne as early as possible to reduce the possibility of scaring. When you are looking for the right products, be sure to pay attention to the ingredients as some ingredients are far more effective than others. If you choose an over-the-counter medication, be sure to look for active ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, clay, salicylic acid, sulfur, tea tree oil and vitamin C. You also want to look for any products with anti-inflammatory properties.

If you require a prescription, you might first consider whether you prefer oral or topical agents. You might look for ingredients such as antibiotics, azelaic acid, and retinoids. You can find retinoids in both oral and topical forms. Keep in mind that strong acne-fighting products often increase skin sensitivity and therefore should be used alongside sunscreen to prevent the development of additional skin challenges. And, do not forget about birth control pills. Many women use the pill as a way to control and greatly reduce acne.


Effective Tools

Today, a number of tools exist to help minimize the appearance of acne scarring. Acne scar removal tools are designed to retexture the surface of your skin. One of the best at-home tools to use is a derma roller. You can use this acne scar tool on your entire body, in addition to your face, for those who develop acne in other areas such as your chest or back. It will also brighten and revitalize your skin, as well as to lock moisture into the skin for long-term improvement.

Radio frequency and microneedling are two tools that can be administered by a dermatologist. This combined treatment does require a bit of recovery time and you will not be able to wear makeup after for at least 24 hours. You can also get injections of Bellafill from your dermatologist. This is basically a collagen filler to smooth out and diminish the signs of acne that will last for over a year. And, it is non-invasive so that you can resume to normal activities straight away. 

Medical Procedures

If basic tools are not as helpful as you would like, it is also possible to select from a number of more serious medical procedures. Microdermabrasion and dermabrasion processes involve the use of brushes to remove dead skin cells and to minimize the depth and severity of scarring. If you have shallow scars, a chemical peel might be ideal for you. This procedure actual removes the outer layer of your skin resulting in a more even and smooth appearance.

Lasers and punch excisions are additional surgical alternatives to minimize acne scarring. Like a chemical peel, lasers remove the outer layer of the skin; whereas, punch excisions focus on cutting out each individual scar. It is important to note that all of these procedures will require some recovery time at home away from being in public without being able to use products or makeup. 

Acne Prevention

The best way to eliminate acne scars is to prevent acne in the first place. Be sure to wash your face a few times a day. Shower or use body wipes after you exercise to prevent body acne. Exercise regularly to remove toxins from your system. And, eat anti-inflammatory foods to help reduce the development of nodule and cyst-based acne that cause scarring. Such foods include spinach, kale, fresh ginger, blueberries, pineapple, and broccoli.

You may develop acne scarring for a number of reasons, however you can help to minimize the effects of acne scarring by using the right tools and products. Use products with the right ingredients and tools that are safe yet effective to even out and smooth your skin for the best results!


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