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SprayAway™ - Spray & Wipe Hair Removal Spray
$ 5.00
MyStuff - Makeup Travel Bag by Vely-Vely®
$ 5.00
RollAway™ - Instant, Pain-Free Hair Removal Cream
$ 5.00
FutureShave Cream - No Razors, No Mess!
$ 5.00
Focallure™ Skin-Perfector® Highlighter
$ 5.00
I-Heart-U Magic Heart Bikini Enhancer
$ 2.99
Organic Castor Oil
$ 5.00
Eyelash Tweezer Applicator by iLash
$ 5.00
Glow Illuminator Shimmering Skin Perfection® Liquid Highlighter by Focallure™
$ 5.00
Focallure™ Professional 6 Colors Makeup Blush
$ 5.00
Professional Brows With This Eyebrow Brush and Eyebrow Comb in One
$ 5.00
Focallure™ Luminous Ultra Glow Highlighter Finishing Powder
$ 5.00


Cruelty-Free = BabeCosmetics 

BabeCosmetics is proud to be part of the "Worldwide Cruelty-Free Organization". The program, we are committed to providing you with the best quality of makeup and cosmetics, that is animal-friendly and cruelty-free. 
We hope that this certification will give you the added confidence you need in trusting that BabeCosmetics wants nothing but the best for our furry little friends :).

Vegan Status (No Animal Ingredients or Byproducts)
Although our entire line is not vegan many of our products are, please have a look at each product you are interested in, if that specific product is vegan you will see the vegan logo next to it.