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5 Reasons To Try BabeBox®

It’s not easy to pick the best beauty box these days. They’re simply all over the place. But one, however, truly stands out from the rest! BabeCosmetics latest product, the BabeBox, is creating a lot of buzz among the beauty community. Already a top quality and cruelty-free brand, BabeCosmetics decided to treat its loyal customer base with awesome products and affordable prices! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why everyone should try BabeBox®! 

1. First BabeBox® Is Free

If a pop-up ad is offering you a free iPhone…don't do it! But when it comes to an established brand with a limited offer…I’m in! Technically speaking, there is a catch. You get the BabeBox® for free, but you need to cover the shipping costs ($6.95 US $7.95 WW). But getting 5 or 6 top quality products for just a few bucks? That is indeed a Corleone offer, and something most of us can’t and won’t refuse! 

2. High-Valued Items 

The ‘customers always come first” seems to be just a phrase for so many companies out there. But that’s not the case when it comes to BabeBox®. You will receive AT LEAST $150+ in makeup and cosmetics products every month. It is a mix of their best selling and upcoming products. We never ship the same products twice too! 

3. Cruelty-Free Brands Only

Looking fabulous is important, but is it worth it if comes with an ugly price? Probably not! You shouldn't worry when it comes to the BabeBox®. BabeCosmetics is, was, and always will be a cruelty-free beauty brand. Looking beautiful…but also not feeling guilty is BabeCosmetics priority number one! 

4. Variety of Products 

The BabeBox® is not limited to the cosmetics category only. Few different lipsticks and a bunch of eyeliners are not what customer satisfaction is all about. Between 5 and 6 premium, cruelty-free makeup, cosmetics & hair products each month is what the BabeBox®  is all about. We’re talking about lipstick, foundation, contour, eye shadow, face masks, serums, eyeliners, and more! 

5. Something to look forward to!

"I have too much makeup" said no woman ever. BabeBox® is the ultimate surprise to wait for every month. Each month you'll get a beautiful box, packed with 5-6 premium items that we are certain you will LOVE!

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