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The Babe Blog
Hello Babes! 
It's finally happening! 😋We are thrilled to announce we are launching our Babe Blog!  


We love interacting with you babes and we love hearing all the responses we get from you each month about our boxes and products. But we want to connect with you more! 
As you know, BabeBox is not only about finding quality, cruelty-free products from around the world but also about our Babe community, which is why we can't wait to keep you in the loop for all things beauty with our Babe Blog, or as we like to call it around here our BB! 


At Babe Cosmetics, we take great pride in our values. Our brand is committed to encouraging everyone to be the best they can be, promoting self love, and showing the world that beauty is more than skin deep! 


In addition to our BB, we will be featuring a "Babe" of the world every month. We will highlight an inspiring woman to feature from the past or present that we feel represents what we value here at Babe Cosmetics: Inclusivity! 


We believe beauty comes from within and we celebrate the individual beauty of each of our subscribers! Every race, age, and gender is uniquely beautiful and we want to showcase that!


And of course, we will be highlighting all the amazing, new cruelty-free products available each month! Check us out for tutorials and tricks as well as updates on what's currently happening in the beauty world, the latest life hacks, & so much more!! 


We are so grateful that you have chosen us to curate beauty products for you and we can't wait to share this blog with you. We are developing new ways to be everything you expect and hope you will share your thoughts with us! This is not the BabeBox of the previous owners so help us be better for all of you! 


Look out for a post about our February Box products coming soon! And our featured "Babe" of the month!


The Babe Team

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