Babe of the Month

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Babe of the Month

Hi Babes!


            It’s the end of the month which means it’s time for our Babe of the Month! As you know, our Babe of the Month is someone who represents our values of strength, love, inner beauty etc. Normally we choose one individual and share their inspiring story. However, this month we are switching it up. Rather than picking one person, we are highlighting a whole group of people: Moms! 


            Since Mother’s Day is next week, we thought we would give a special shoutout to the group of people who truly make the world go round. Other than the obvious fact that none of us would be here without mothers, there are so many reasons that moms should be given extra love. We at Babe Cosmetics are so grateful to our moms for the constant love and support they have given us throughout our lives. Whether a biological mother, a foster mother, an adoptive mother etc. all types of moms should be celebrated! Moms go through it all and come out the other side as superheroes! And for most of us, our first experience with makeup was through our Moms. Whether that was watching her work magic with eyeshadow or sneaking into her bathroom to try on her lipstick, our moms helped us enter into the amazing world of beauty and that is definitely something to be grateful for!


            We also want to give an extra special shoutout to the Babes that are mothers! You are strong and inspiring and should be so proud of yourself. Today and every day you deserve a thank you. We know being a mom can be challenging but you are doing a fantastic job and should give yourself a pat on the back!


            Now we realize at Babe Cosmetics that not everyone has had that special relationship with their mom. Sometimes moms are absent or unable to be what a child deserves. So as Mother’s day approaches, we also want to shout out those who step up! Whether that was a grandma or an aunt or a cousin or even a father who filled that role for you, they too are incredibly inspiring and deserve a shoutout. So, thank you to all the moms and motherly figures out there for doing what you do! There is something special about the love between a mother and a child; it is so true and selfless and should inspire us all to channel some of that love into our own lives.


            As Mother’s Day gets closer and you think about what you can do to show your mom that extra appreciation, think about gifting her a Babebox subscription or take advantage of our 70% off sale on products site-wide and gift her some makeup/skincare she would love!



The Babe Team


My box never came and I even submitted a lost package like they asked me too. Fast forward almost two months later I am still waiting on my box only to have customer service tell me to “keep paying for my subscription “ in order to revive my “lost box” UNBELIEVABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Just HORRIBLE to make someone pay for something twice let alone keep a subscription. DONT ORDER FROM HERE!!!!

— Mother of 4,

I have 3 kids, 2 grandkids and 2 great grandkids. I love all 7 with all my heart. I hope all you mothers out there get to have the joy God has given me. Life begins with the first child and it gets better from there. Happy Mother’s day to all you Moms.

— Vera wright,

I could not have thought of this for mum-thanks heaps for the idea!! It would be the perfect gift for my mum as she is still stuck in her old ways with makeup and needs to try your awesome products which I know she will absolutely love!!💖 especially all the new and advanced products she has never even heard off!!
I was never fussy about having make-up on or not, never wore it everyday, maybe 10 times a year. Then would usually leave it off most of the time until I tried the babebox products. The natural products have given my mother and myself. No irritation on my skin and I have fair sensitive skin. Only positive comments on
Shelley McLeod

— Shelley mcleod,

Im a mother of 3 beautiful girls and a nanny of 2 grandkids. I’m a stay home mom to watch my kids and when my oldest daughter had me a grandson I started watching him then I went to watching my granddaughter. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my family . I’m also married to a wonderful husband who loves me too .

— Rena,

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity just to be apart of the babe box community! ❤️…its been an honor and a pleasure to recieve various goodies on a monthly basis…and I think it wonderful of the team to show all the mothers out there that they sincerely appreciate all they do..for their families, various loved ones and for other fellow babe box influensters..its so encouraging 😊 thank you babe box…can’t wait for future boxes!

— Raelynn moreno,

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