Makeup Application Guide

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Makeup Application Guide

Makeup helps in improving the facial features of a woman and man as well. A well-done makeup could make a woman look gorgeous and stunningly beautiful. Still, there are ladies out there who wear wholesome makeup without understanding the right way of applying it. Trying to apply makeup without any experience can make you look awful and horrible. As such, a lot of women choose to go to a salon or make up specialist and spend money just to ensure the proper application of their makeup.

Visiting a salon each time you need to attend a particular occasion or event can be costly. What is more, it can waste your time when you have to wait when you are not the only client of the salon or beauty parlor. Knowing how to apply makeup isn’t a hard task. You only have to know the basics on how to apply makeup and some of the essential things concerning the wholesale cosmetics that you’re going to utilize. Here are some handy tips that may help you if you want to do your own makeup application.


This is the base of your makeup. Once the foundation is not placed or applied properly, the entire makeup will not look good as well. You need to choose carefully what type of and color of foundation you’re going to use. The best color of foundation is the one which blends to your skin as well as serves as your second skin. Foundations are available in various types such as stick, cream and liquid.


A lot of women have skin blemishes, dark circles as well as scars and they would like to hide it. Concealer will be best for that skin issue. One of the vital tips in selecting the kind of concealer is that it must be lighter than the foundation.

Eye Makeup 

Normally, eye makeup is the one that comes next after putting on foundation and concealer. Prior to putting your chosen shade of eye shadow, you have to put on an eye primer on your upper and lower eyelid. This eye primer allows the eye shadows colors to stay for a long time. After putting on the eye primer, you can now apply the eye shadow color that you like.

Lip Makeup 

Prior to applying lipstick, you must moisturize your lips first using a lip balm and then you can line your lips using a lip liner which matches the lipstick you are using. If you have this done, you can now put on the lipstick. Also, you can put in lip gloss for the final touch.  

How to properly apply makeup is indeed a very complicated task. On the other hand, if you know where to start and you know the types of makeup you must use, this will make the process a bit easier. There are also guides available that will teach you how to apply makeup like a professional. All you need to do is to have time to make some proper research.

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