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“The greatest joy is working to build something meaningful with your family!”

Susan and Carlo met at a summer job after high school and have been together ever since.  Susan & Carlo began to talk about wanting to find a way to spend more time together as a family so they found a business that embraced Susan's passion for cosmetics and skincare and a way to make people smile by surprising and delighting them each month with quality cosmetics and skincare at a great value - delivered directly to their door!

Cristina graduated from the University of Florida and began working for Babe Cosmetics fulltime.  Cristina focuses on finding brands that support our mission and selecting products that our BabeBox members will love!  Cristina lovingly packs all of our Babe Mystery Bundles herself and frequently posting on our Instagram and Facebook pages.  

Giancarlo helps out part-time between school and soccer by helping with logisitics, tech support and he's our go-to for anything that requires heavy lifting!

This photo is old, but it's a favorite!  And as most of you know getting a good family photo is not always easy!

Our Story

When we decided to embark on our first business venture, we knew we wanted something we could do together as a family. Finding something we're passionate about was super important to us. As lovers of make-up and devotees of skincare, Cristina and Susan really connected with the beauty subscription concept. We insist our box feature 100% cruelty-free products (we love animals) and that BabeBox provide our customers with great value. Most importantly, we want to curate beauty  products that celebrate each person's uniqueness and their individual journey to self-love. We search for products that work for all skin types and tones and for all ages. We believe that we all have a responsibility to give back and to help others so we partner with several charities that support personal empowerment. For each subscription sold we donate product and/or a percentage of our proceeds to women in need.

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Our mission

Our mission is to introduce women  to high-quality cosmetics and skincare at a tremendous value!  We do this by curating cruelty-free products from indie and up and coming brands across the globe and delivering those products to our subscribers doorsteps each month!  We search high and low to find brands that share our belief that testing should never be done on animals and that cosmetics and skincare products are a tool for women of all ethnicities and ages to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate self-love.  

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All of the products featured in BabeBox  are 100% cruelty-free.  We love animals and only feature products that have not used animals for testing

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Shipping from Florida 

Websites orders depart our Florida warehouse in 2-3 days and your first BabeBox ships within 5 days

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Quality & Value

We source and sell premium quality cruelty-free products.  Maximize your savings by signing up for BabeBox ($100+ value for as low as $24/month)

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