Babe of the Month

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Babe of the Month

Dear Babes,


            It’s the end of the month so you know what that means .. it’s time for our Babe of the Month! As you know, our Babe of the Month is a woman who represents the things we value here at Babe Cosmetics: inclusivity, strength, inner beauty, confidence, and kindness. This month we have chosen Malala Yousafzai Malik.


            Malala, only 24 years old, is an incredibly inspirational woman. At 17 years old, Malala became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate ever. A Pakistani activist, she has made huge progress for women’s education worldwide. Her human rights advocacy has sparked a global movement fighting for women’s rights.


            Malala was born to an educational activist in Pakistan and her family was in charge of a series of schools in her hometown. She has said that her father’s work advocating for education for all greatly inspired her growing up. She was always outspoken about her beliefs and the conditions she experienced in Pakistan, even publishing work under a pseudonym at the young age of 12 and participating in a New York times documentary of her life as the Pakistani military took over. The Taliban in Pakistan disapproved of her activism leading to an assassination attempt on her bus ride home after a school exam. Malala was shot in the head and in critical condition, eventually being transferred to the UK for treatment. This event created international outrage; the Taliban was condemned worldwide and she received widespread support.


            Despite the attempt on her life and the threat of continued violence, Malala continued her humanitarian efforts and advocated for education as a right. She created her own organization that is dedicated to giving every girl the future they want, named the Malala Fund, and she went on to be named as one of Time magazines most influential people. Malala continued her own education eventually graduating from Oxford University in 2020. She has inspired people all over the world and always pushed for the right of every individual to receive an education no matter their gender, race, religion, or location. She travels all over the world sharing her story, fighting for women’s rights, and speaking out against war, poverty, and discrimination.


          We are so inspired by Malala's journey and her commitment to standing up for what is right. If you want to learn more about Malala, check out her internationally best-selling book, I am Malala, or the documentary of her story, He named me Malala !



            The Babe Team

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