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Dear Babes,


In case you haven't heard, we are going to let you in on a little secret:

we have some to die for Mystery Bundles on our site right now that we know you will LOVE.


We at Babe Cosmetics are obviously huge fans of a good surprise. That’s why we believe so strongly in the subscription concept. Not only do you get to try out new high-quality, cruelty-free makeup and skincare products without breaking the bank, but each month you get to treat yourself to a fun surprise! Our Mystery Bundles are a less committed version of this concept. See, each Mystery Bundle is similar to our subscription because you get that awesome surprise of amazing cruelty-free products for a reduced price, but this is only a one time purchase. And unlike our subscription, each Mystery Bundle is specially curated, no two bundles are the exact same!!


Our Mystery Bundles are hand packed by us full of all our favorite goodies. We offer three different types of Mystery Bundle options.


The first option is the closest to our subscription model: a Mystery Bundle of 5 products for $25! This box is a guaranteed value of $80. 


The second option is a Mystery Bundle of 6 products for $30. This was the first type of Mystery Bundle option we ever sold and it was such a success that it led to creating our Bundle Batches. Bundle Batches are a way to buy multiple Mystery Bundles for less!


For a limited time, we are offering 2 box and 3 box Bundle Batches:

The 2 Box Mystery Bundle means you get 2 boxes, each with 6 products, (valued at over $160) but you only pay $55! 

The 3 box Mystery Bundle means you get 3 boxes, each with 6 products, (valued at over $240) but you only pay $80!! 


If you think that’s a steal, let us introduce you to our favorite Mystery Bundle deal: 

The third option is a Mystery Bundle of 10 products for $40. Not only is this our biggest deal so far (over $130 worth of products for only $40!) but we now offer this deal in our 2 box and 3 box Bundle Batches too.


The 2 box Mystery Bundle, each with 10 products, (valued at over $260) is available for only $75!


The 3 box Mystery Bundle, each with 10 products, (valued at over $390) is available for only $110 right now!!




Mystery Bundles are the perfect way to discover and delight in new products for yourself and they make a fantastic gift! Do you have a friend who is about to celebrate a birthday? This is a great gift option that doesn’t tie them to a subscription! Do you want to treat your girlfriend or wife to a surprise just cause? We will curate a bundle of makeup and skincare that will make them feel that extra love! No matter the reason or occasion, our Bundles are sure to be a hit.


We are so grateful for all the love we have received so far on our Mystery Bundles!! 

If you have never purchased a Mystery Bundle, we hope you will give them a try! You can find all the Bundle options available under the “bundles” tab in our main header. If our previous Babe responses are any indication, you are going to end up going back for more! 😝



The Babe Team

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