How to Use The Blackhead Extractor

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How to Use The Blackhead Extractor

Blackheads are the plugs on the skin pores, which are comprised of skin’s natural lubricants or commonly called as “sebum.” This sebum is the mixture of skin oils, dust, pollution stuck and dirt in the skin pores. To remove these disturbing blackheads, we have a great tool that will help make it all easy – a blackhead extractor. On this page, we will teach you the ways on how to use the blackhead extractor in a very effective manner.

Start with Hygiene Therapy

First of all, start with hygiene therapy before doing anything else. This will takes place by using your hands with soap and water. Don’t use the tool if you think your hands are contaminated with dirt.

Disinfect the Tool

After you bought your new blackhead extractor, you have to wash it using a disinfectant. Simply submerge it in your disinfectant solution to clean it well against any bacteria.

Disinfect Your Skin

After disinfecting the tool, you also need to disinfect your facial skin. This will help ensure that there is no bacterial infection contact while the process of blackhead removal goes on. Begin by washing your facial skin with lukewarm water or any cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Let the washing takes up to at least ten minutes (using a lukewarm water that lasts up to ten minutes will effectively help you skin seamlessly open its pores).

Use the Blackhead Extractor

After washing your face with water, this is now the time for you to use the blackhead extractor. Place its loop on your blackheads or whiteheads. Then gently press it above the blackheads. This will ensure that the accumulated dirt is completely drained. You can even push the blackhead extractor down on your blackheads or whiteheads in order to ensure that the contents of follicles are effectively extracted. Do this by using a small amount of force, so your skin won’t be damaged by the tool. It is also recommended to place the roll in a way that it rolls in the entire blemishes.

Apply a Pore Care Solution

After doing the whole procedure, apply some pore care solution. The acne care products or pore care solution will help take good care of the affected areas.

Disinfect Your Tool and Face Again

After everything is done, it is recommended that you should wash your face and your tool again. Do this by using water and soap. When washing your face, this time, you should use cool water to help the pores return to its normal shape. Soak also the tool to any disinfectant solution after washing. This will help ensure that there is no any bacterial contact to takes place once you use the tool again.

Blackhead extractors can work in all skin types in different parts of the affected areas, which pore strips may find it hard to reach. Aside from the advantages that blackhead extractors give to us, they’re an economical option at the same time. This is because they can be used repeatedly. If you are thinking of a more affordable and effective option, then blackhead extractor is the one.

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